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Project Management

Building design consultations include:

  • Analysis of the building design documentation on engineering systems and equipment.
  • Remarks under the project from the point of view of the further facility management.

Facility management at the construction stage includes:

  • Participation in the coordination of the planned schedules of the equipment transfer to facility management company. Control of the planned schedule execution.
  • Customer assistance at the equipment choice, checking of the engineering specifications, control of the building input to operation.
  • Informing of the Customer about a course of work performance and the found out lacks, the made remarks, necessary constructive changes in structure of systems and equipment.
  • Control of starting-up and adjustment works. Control of carrying out of tests and works on commissioning of the equipment. Participation in preparation of documents on results of the spent tests.
  • Drawing up of the list of the established engineering equipment.
  • Check of present of the documents certifying quality of designs and materials.
  • Acceptance and check of completeness of the executive documentation.
  • Formation of the.
  • Control of training of facility management staff.
  • Assistance and participation in preparation and signing of contracts with power supplying organizations.
  • Control of transfer of the object prepared for operation to the facility management company.
  • Participation in quality checks of designs and knots, the equipment and mechanisms at their acceptance.
  • Participation in the checks spent by bodies of the state supervision, inspections and the commissions.
  • Working out of plans-schedules of procedural works for the object operation.
  • Work with the inspecting, checking organizations.
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