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About the company group

Companies and owners entrusting the management of their real estate to professional managers value, first of all, their money and their time, the quality of provided services, and the opportunity to get rid of solving lots of problems related to operation of real estate objects, search for contractors and suppliers, conclusion of contracts with contractors, dealing with lessees, and many other puzzles arising in this field of activity every day.

Attracting a professional management company to co-operation enables the owner to focus to a largest possible extent on operating his core business, to lower costs, and, in certain cases, considerably increase his income.

The primary goal of Slavgrad Company Group is real estate management with the purpose of deriving maximum profit from operation of buildings and increasing the market value of an object, on condition of thorough consideration of interests of both owners and lessees.

The strategy followed by Slavgrad Company Group consists in successive expansion to all segments of real estate market with the purpose of providing integrated services to its customers on the basis of the principles of “strict compliance with established time limits, high quality of services, and professional competence”. Thus, the experience of specialists and potential of the entire Slavgrad Company Group may be applied at every line of the Group’s activities.

Since 1996, when the Group started its operations, management technologies complying with the highest standards have been developed and perfected in the field of management of commercial real estate. All of the companies comprising the holding and attracted to management and operation of the objects work in accordance with unified quality standards, within the framework of a unified corporate culture, and maintaining close mutual cooperation.

SlavGrad provides all necessary services for high-grade service and maintenance of commercial real estate that allows to increase the terms of between-repairs cycles and appreciably prolong service life of engineering systems.

Slavgrad Company Group carries out a full complex of services starting from the concept development of the real estate object up to the object handing over into operation with the subsequent service of its engineering systems, professional cleaning of premises and offices, security service.

The Group of Companies SlavGrad has all necessary permissions and licenses for providing a full complex of corresponding works and is the first the companies, that received the certificate of quality at Russian market on the real estate objects service. . The company is being operated due to the system of management quality (SMK) that was developed, introduced and certificated in accordance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000) standards with reference to complex non engineering and technical service, office premises clearing, equipping by computers, information and security systems, monitoring systems of access and registration of working hours, the organization of duty service.

Ten years' experience of successful work in the sphere of management and operation by commercial real estate objects, professional and solid team, aiming at the result and the debugged technologies allow not only to constantly improve quality and efficiency of service, but also to increase a project cost at the expenses are minimized. An operating team consists of a high class professionals having an operational experience in the western companies and adhering western standards of business dealing, combined with knowledge and understanding of the Russian market specificity, culture and mentality. Making use of all saved up experience, the Company experts hold a lot of seminars and develop training programs of the real estate object management technologies for the employees of operating companies and representatives of owners.

Group of Companies SlavGrad is a professional and reliable partner in the field of management of real estate and unites in itself all the advantages of large holding with the debugged technologies, highly skilled personnel as well as a high quality, thus keeping flexibility and individual approach to each client!

We are truly opened for cooperation and are always at your disposal on any further questions:
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  Address: bld. 97, Verhnaya Maslovka st, 127083, Moscow, Russia.   tel./fax +7(495)921-40-14  E-mail:
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