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Attracting “ExpertGrad”, a part of the SlavGrad Company Group, to working-out of the concept of a real estate object development results in a considerable reduction of risks, increases competitiveness, and ensures successful implementation of the project.

Services of the company in this area include:

Express – analysis of the real estate object
  • Estimation of an object location
  • Competitive environment
  • Definition of possible variants of the object use
  • Compiling of the offer of the best variant of the object use
The concept of development of the object

Marketing part:
  • Object description
  • The analysis of the macroenvironment of the object
  • The analysis of the microenvironment of the object
  • The analysis of the real estate market
  • The analysis of the best and most effective object usage
  • Marketing strategy of the realization of the object
Architecturally-building part:
  • The plan of building of the plot
  • The Characteristic of the chosen type of building
  • Zoning
  • Architectural and constructional guidelines
  • Calculation of efficiency of the complex
  • Technical characteristics of the object
  • Engineering systems
  • Accommodations and interactions of operational and security services
Financial analysis:
  • Scripts of realization of the project and the forecast of monetary streams
  • Pure current cost of the project
  • Time of recovery of outlay of the project
  • The Internal rate of profitability
  • Strategy of investors attraction on the basis of the most effective model of the project realization
  • Estimation and opportunities of decrease in external and internal risks
Using knowledge and experience in the field of the real estate, the company will execute a profound study of the real estate market, will analyze all advantages and disadvantages of a location of the real estate object and on the basis of the executed researches will develop the concept of the most effective development of the real estate object. Thus you will receive the document containing exhaustive market information of the real estate, and also detailed and substantiated conclusions concerning the form of the object use.
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